Top Construction Contractor Tips

Choosing a construction contractor does not have to be a difficult decision. There are a few key essentials that you should be looking for in a construction contractor which includes managing time pressures, resources and keeping good customer relations. VQ Construction has been successfully working as a local contractor for over ten years and our business continues to grow year on year. When you choose VQ Construction, you know that your expectations will be exceeded at every stage of the process and that your construction project is in the very best hands.
Recently, the construction industry has had a shake up with the Supreme Court decision in MT Hojgard A/S v E.ON Climate & Renewables UK Robin East Limited. So, we’ve provided you with our top tips for managing the distribution of design accountability in construction contracts.

Our Top Construction Contractor Tips

1. The first tip we have is to make sure that you properly review your contract. You should always have a full copy and carry out a preliminary review to check this. This will also ensure it is the correct version of the contract and that no pages have gone missing.
2. Secondly, if a construction contract is formed of many documentation items, then you can end up with unintended discrepancies or inconsistencies. These should be identified and their impact assessed.
3. With construction contracts, it is not uncommon to find different parties all contributing to the overall project design. An agreement in principle should be reached with the design responsibility and this should also be reflected in the contract.
4. Within the contract, there should also be an agreed legal duty of care for design. It should be an included clause in a document and this document should have a high priority.
5. Technical documents should always come under review to allow you to understand the scope of technical design requirements. The financial liability in terms of design should also go into any contract and a financial cap may be needed.

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