Void in the Construction Industry Workforce

Are baby boomers and millennials creating a massive problem in the construction industry workforce? It would seem that as more boomers are retiring, there is void happening the construction industry workforce. This is due to Millennials not filling up these spaces! The labour shortage could deepen further if nothing is done to address this disparity.

In the time after, the recession, the construction industry workforce has not been able to return to its previous levels. One of the main reasons for this is millennials not filling in the places of baby boomers. A recent survey found that only 3% of young people had considered a career in construction, which clearly flags up problems within the industry. As more millennials head off to university, those looking for a career in construction is falling.


The Recession’s Effect on the Construction Industry Workforce


In recent years, there has been a wealth of demand for new construction, renovation and infrastructure work. Before the recession, the construction industry attracted a wide range of workers, however, this gap has since widened and does not appear to be shrinking anytime soon. Workers over the age of 35 are overrepresented within the industry, while under 25s are underrepresented.

What does this mean for not only the construction industry but the wider UK economy? Well, this labour shortage will have a direct effect on the country’s affordable housing crisis. This will continue to worsen and can also lead to the increase in real estate prices. Moving forward, local governments will have to place a higher value on construction workers in order to build new housing.

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